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Tile Roofing

A tile roof is one of the most sound investments you can make when purchasing a home or re-roofing your current residence. Tile roofing is rapidly becoming more popular in non-traditional geographic areas due to its many architectural and color choices available, its energy efficiency, durability in cold and high wind climates, and its limited maintenance needs.Tile Roofing

Roof tiles come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. In fact, with modern innovations, concrete and clay roof tile manufacturers can produce tiles to suit any architectural style, from authentic Spanish and Mediterranean to New England Colonial, historic, or contemporary. Roof tiles can be flat or round, simulate wood shakes, or seek to replicate centuries-old roofing materials. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Benefits to choosing tile roofing include:

  • Designed for Long Term Performance
  • Available in a Variety of Colors and Styles
  • Maintain their Color
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Can Sustain High Winds
  • Economical
  • Require Limited Maintenance
  • Energy Cost Savings

To discuss your tile roofing options, call us today for a free on-site estimate!Tile Roofing, M.Ness